Heart of the Illinois Amish Country

Arthur is the heart of the Illinois Amish country and home to the largest and oldest Amish community in the state of Illinois. The homes and businesses of our nearly 4,500 Amish are located just outside the Village of Arthur.

The Amish are all around us. They reside in the country on farms where often a family business will be located, too. You’ll see our Amish friends and neighbors on the street, shopping in the stores, eating at our restaurants. One of the first things you learn being in the midst of an Amish settlement is that their practices may be different than the modernity of our non-Amish world, but the people are basically the same. In fact, the Amish emphasize this quite a bit.

Tour the countryside to observe the Amish way as they go about their daily lives. Keep it simple, plain and useful. The Amish welcome you to their shops and businesses. Please respect their culture by refraining from taking their picture. Feel free to take photos of Amish “things,” but please refrain from including Amish people in your photographs.

While you’re out in the country, be sure to visit The Great Pumpkin Patch. Open September 15 through October 31, The Great Pumpkin Patch invites guests to see over 300 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds from over 30 countries around the world. Numerous premier displays, over 5,000 hardy mums, various mazes and gardens grace the grounds as well as several places to eat and drink on the farm and lots of entertainment on the weekends.

Arthur has something to please all tastes. If you are shopping for a perfectly tailored suit, a beautiful piece of homemade solid wood furniture, or an amazing slice of apple pie, Arthur is sure to deliver. So whether you are coming for an afternoon or a weekend, plan ahead and experience what the Arthur Area has for you.

Contact the Arthur Area Economic Development Corporation at their offices or by phone at (217) 543-2232 for Amish countryside tours, and Amish home meals.