Broom Corn Capital of the World

Arcola, the “broom corn capital of the world,” marks the entrance to Illinois Amish country and features several sites, attractions and events that should be on any visitor’s list.

Each and every Labor Day, Arcola embraces its heritage with its world renowned Broom Corn Fesitval. Folks come from all over to experience the unique crafts, free entertainment, great food and the many broom activities on display. The festival’s parade is Central Illinois’ largest and is home to the world famous Lawn Rangers, who twirl and toss their brooms to the delight of children young and old.

Raggedy Ann and Andy creator Johnny Gruelle was born in Arcola, and the community honors him and his creations each year at the Raggedy Ann and Andy Friendship Gathering. The event, held in June at the Arcola Center, brings collectors from the world over to trade dolls and priceless stories of Raggedy Ann and Andy. The event also provides a number of fellowship activities for families to ensure that the National Toy Hall of Fame characters remain enamored in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Arcola’s historic downtown is lined with stately buildings and a host of unique shops that offer shoppers opportunities to purchase art, antiques, locally made Amish baked goods as well as hand-crafted Amish furniture.